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The PMP exam is known have difficult questions and a long test time, which is 4,5 hours. In that time, one of the keys that you must implement is good time-management. One of the tips for answer PMP exam question is to answer formula questions first. Then, what else?

Project Management Professional (PMP) Certificate, have you ever heard of this type of management certification? PMP Certificate is a professional certificate in the field of project management issued and managed by the Project Management Institute (PMI). PMI itself is a non-profit organization in the United States that focuses on project management.

The PMP certificate has also been accredited according to International Organization for Standardization (ISO). Through this certificate, your eligibility in the field of project management is validated. Global in nature, you can apply this certificate in almost any industry in any location and any methodology.

Unfortunately, according to data from the Project Management Institute (PMI), as the largest and oldest certification body in the field of project managers, there are only around 932,720 or less than one million people in the world who have PMP certificates until June 2019. In fact, PMP Certificate brings many benefits to project managers who own it. Starting from higher salaries than non-certified project managers, broad career opportunities to cross-country, to flexible use in all types of industries.

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1. Position Yourself As Project Manager When Answering Questions

The first tips for answer PMP exam questions is  to adopt the mindset that you are a project manager in a situation of working on a ‘project’. Where, the first step to run it is to define project goals or objectives in detail. Then, find a suitable resource you want to use in the project. Then, create a detailed task and a timeline for the completion of that project. Next, check the progress of your project and make strategic changes in the project if there are problems in its performance. For that, it is important to have confidence in your abilities and knowledge.

2. Answer the Formula Questions First

The type of question you have to answer first is formula questions. Why is that? Formula problems require your ability to remember the conceptual formulas in PMBOK. Therefore, answering formula questions first is better to do because your memory of the material that has been studied is still fresh. Thus, the chances of answering errors due to forgetting are smaller.

3. Use Blank Paper For Copying and Answering Formula Questions

When answering this lengthy formula problem, be sure to make use of the blank paper that the examiner gives you. Through this blank paper, you can copy important formulas and do a rough analysis quickly to answer the questions presented.

4. Skip Unknown Questions

With the number of questions that reach 200 items and done in about 4 hours, that means you have to answer each question for only 1.2 minutes. Therefore, don’t waste a lot of time thinking hard on questions that you don’t know yet. Skip this question and continue working on the next problem. During the process of answering these other questions, your big chance of remembering the formulas for answering the questions that you missed can happen. So, don’t waste time!

5. Remember, “Look Like Right” Answers Are Not Always Right!

The “Look Like Right” answer is not always right, how can? Certainly can! This is because the questions on the PMP exam will test your analytical skills, not your memory. So, you may find answer choices that look entirely right, but are not necessarily right according to the situation analysis in the question.

6. Apply the Elimination Method

The easiest way to find the most appropriate answer is the elimination method. For example, in multiple-choice questions, you can cross out choices A and B which are considered the least likely to be correct. After that, you can do a deeper analysis of C&D options and choose the one that is considered the most appropriate.

7. Answer All Questions, Don’t Miss Even One!

The questions in PMP exam have the same quality weight with the rule of not applying minus points for wrong answers. So, make sure to answer all the questions given without remaining.

8. Trust Your Instincts!

During the PMP exam, it is important that you trust your instincts. Rest assured that your experience in the field and the lessons you have honed about yesterday’s project management conceptual can make it easier for you to answer all the questions tested.

9. Time Management Is The Key

Remember the tips for doing the written exam simulation during the preparation period above? It is none other than to establish proper time-management during the PMP exam. Imagine if you worked on 200 items in 4 hours without good time management. Of course, it will be difficult for you, right?

10. Take Advantage of Short Breaks

When the exam is in started, there is a short break for participants to carry out various activities. Like eating, praying, to learn again. However, it should be remembered not to steal too much of this free time. This is because taking too many or long breaks can raise suspicion and you could be disqualified from the exam.

That’s 10 tips for passing the PMP 2021 exam that you can prepare from now on. In short, the best way to pass the PMP exam is to adopt the mindset that you are in a situation of working on a “project”. For that, it is important to have confidence in your abilities and knowledge. Let’s be optimistic that you can pass the PMP exam on the first try. Good luck!

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