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One of the determinants of the success of a project is the human resources who run the project. Without reliable human resources, it will disrupt the sustainability of the project so that it is completed according to the specified time. To understand in more detail about the project, then Tom-Mates must also know the project work that is more important in the success of a project.


1. Owner (the project owner)

It is the party who owns the project and then gives it to the party who can manage it according to the contract agreement. This owner can be an individual or an agency that must provide a budget for the agreed project needs.

2. Project manager

Is the party who receives an offer from the project owner to lead the course of a project. The following are the duties and responsibilities of the project manager:

– Determine the implementation of project management services

– Leading, coordinating, and reporting to other stakeholders regarding project progress

– Create and control the continuity of the project so that it goes according to plan both in terms of time and cost

– Maintain communication with internal and external parties regarding project development

3. Vendors

Are material sellers or suppliers who enter into work agreements with contractors to meet various project material needs

4. Contractor

Is a person or entity contracted by the project owner to carry out project work based on the contents of the contract he won in the tender?

5. Sub-contractors

Are the people who perform the work of the prime contractor which includes the individuals executing the contracts.


6. Construction management

Is the right hand of the project manager in charge of carrying out work assisted by other teams who have expertise in their respective fields

7. Stakeholders

Stakeholders are individuals, groups, and organizations. Their every decision will affect the agreement, activity, and outcome of a project. For example sponsors, customers, users, sellers, business partners, consultants, and project employees to the community around the project environment.

8. Site Engineer

Assigned to:

– Delivering technical instructions to the team in carrying out the work

– Assist the team in the field in controlling contractor activities to achieve efficiency in each activity

– Ensure all technical details of the work go according to plan

9. Structure Engineering

Assigned to:

– Carry out the tasks assigned by the Site Engineer

– Analyzing the structure that has been provided by the consultant

– Make structural calculations to be done by the foreman

10. Architect

Is the person who designs the macro to the micro of a project so that he has the right to control the work that the contractor does.

11. Structural Consultant

Very closely related to architects making building plans according to the wishes of the project owner. Specifically designing a structure that is by the wishes of the project owner through the main contractor by considering the soil conditions, building form, building function, building function, land conditions, and geographical conditions

12. Mechanical and Electrical Consultant

Is a person who acts as an executor of work in a project that is being carried out, both those who are members of mechanical or electrical members

13. Special Consultant

Is a party or person who is appointed to prepare specific and specific plans and work.

14. Quality Control

Assigned to:

– Checking the quality of work, quality of materials and making monthly reports

– Conducting tests on the composition of the material to be used

15. Quantity Engineer

Assigned to:

– Carry out supervision of contractor work

– Reject and accept contractors who are not by the draft budget

– Make a written report on the implementation of the project

16. Drafter

Assigned to:

– Create implementation drawings

– Adjusting the image to field conditions

– Make the final drawing of the work

– Explain to field implementers

17. Accountant

Assigned to:

– Create and arrange cash book

– Responsible for project cash as mandated by the project leader

– Create and compile a letter of accountability for the implementation of the development budget (SPJP)

18. Administration and General

Assigned to:

– Prepare and provide all the needs for administrative equipment and office equipment to support the smooth running of the project

– Assisting the head of project implementation and coordinating and supervising administrative management

19. Mechanics

Assigned to:

– Develop, test, and customize media and reasoning

– Manage projects with engineering and engineering principles

20. Tower Crane Operators

Assigned to:

– Operate tower cranes according to job location points

– Transporting and placing materials using a tower crane

– Maintain and care for the tower crane so that it can always operate properly

21. Chief Inspector

Assigned to:

– Supervise every work carried out by the contractor so that the work is by the signed contract documents

– Carry out archiving of correspondence documents, daily, monthly reports, work progress schedules, and others.

22. Surveyor

Assigned to:

– Carry out survey and measurement activities

Reporting and being responsible for the results of his work to the project head.

– Make a list of measuring tools and maintain optical measuring tools and equipment.

– Coordinate and supervise the use of measuring tools.


23. Safety Supervisor and Safety, Health, and Environment (SHE)

Assigned to:

– Making K3 work programs and implementation plans to create a healthy work environment.

– Ensure the running of the program and make documentation.

– Checking on work equipment whether there is wear or not, and also checking the health condition of the workforce and the work environment.

– Reviewing occupational safety and safety training.

– Preventing and dealing with work accidents and investigating the causes.

– Ensure that the workforce has worked according to the SOP.

– Reviewing and directing employees to work according to their obligations and by the company’s operating system.

24. General Affair

Assigned to:

– Representing the company to establish relationships with outside parties such as Owners, Constitutional Courts, and Consultants.

– Complete all operational needs including all documents on the company’s internal for the smooth work of the company as a whole.

– Responsible for recording, maintaining, and caring for all company assets that have been purchased.

25. Logistics Officer

Assigned to:

– Make purchases of tools and materials from suppliers or building materials stores.

– Prepare and manage storage (warehouse)

How Tom-Mates already know what position you want to take? In general, both project work and outside projects, promotions, and positions will be directly proportional to experience and expertise. So don’t worry, keep updating your skills and experience!

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