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Did you know there are 4 types of project manager? However, unfortunately many executives do not realize that different types of project manager must be adapted to the needs of their project. In fact, to pursue a company’s project development in a sustainable and optimal manner, you need all of four different types of project managers.

However, does every company need the four types of project managers below? The answer could be yes. The reason is that even a very dynamic and conservative industry can be threatened by various problems. They also need growth opportunities that can be measured and realistically valued. For this reason, they need these four types of project managers for various problems and different needs. If it is not immediately realized, the company’s growth opportunities may be lost because they are used to depending on only one type of project manager.

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Then, what are the four types of project managers?

  1. Prophet Project Manager
    The prophet project manager is a type of project manager who challenges and pursues opportunities from the company that may or may not have been missed or realized. This type will usually pursue business opportunities in areas where information is very hard to find. As a prophetic project manager, you must have a big vision to grow a company with a different perspective and with your quo status. This means you may not always have solid physical evidence to back up your breakthrough. Hence, you have to appear charming and strong persuasive to convince clients that they see the same opportunities as the breakthrough you describe.
  1. Gambler Project Manager
    The next type of project manager is the gambler project manager. They are the kind of project managers who work by the rules, but bets on the idea of ​​a growth opportunity for a company that is either successful and profitable, or failed and loss. As a bettor, the gambler project manager will give persuasion to the company to dare to take risks in order to achieve new achievements. Although risky, this type of project manager is an asset that companies need to see opportunities in their dying sector, which they then turn into a new successful and profitable sector.
  1. Expert Project Manager
    Unlike the prophet project manager, the expert project manager is not a risk taker without solid evidence. Yes, an expert project manager will develop the company’s opportunities by pursuing ideas that may fall outside the strategic boundaries of the company, but have strong evidence or exposure why those opportunities can work. They are also supported by many parties who believe in their expertise to see opportunities for the company to grow. As experts, their main challenge is getting executives and other employees to move outside their comfort zones to pursue opportunities that are outside the company’s sustainability strategy.
  1. Executor Project Manager
    Like their names, the type of project manager is someone who will look for growth opportunities in the realm of the company and already has a record of success. This type of project manager can be said to be risk-free from extreme and challenging ideas. Even so, it is the safest and surest decision for the success of a company project.

There are four types of project managers that every project needs. Find out more knowledge about project management here with!

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