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Did you know what phases of project management are?  If you don’t know the answer, let’s get to know the 5 important phases of project management below!

phases of project management

5 Important Phases of Project Management

The Project Management Institute (PMI) originally developed these five phases. Berikut tahapan-tahapan kegiatan manajemen proyek yang penting untuk diketahui:

1. Project Initiation Phase

During this phase,  the project is formally started, named, and defined. So, you need to create a project charter. The project charter is an important document consisting of details like the project constraints, goals, appointment of the project manager, budget, expected timeline, etc. Apart from that, you also have to identify the important stakeholders that are involved in this project.

2. Project Planning Phase

Some of the important activities that mark this phase are creating WBS, planning schedules, creating Milestones or Gantt Chart, estimating and reserving resources, deadlines, important deliveries date, and managing good communication patterns with stakeholders.

During this phase, the scope of the project is defined. There is a possibility of changing the scope of the project demands it but the project manager must approve the change. Project managers also develop a work breakdown structure (WBS), which clearly visualizes the entire project in different sections for the team.

3. Project Execution Phase

At this phase, the project work process is actually running. As a project manager, your job is to establish efficient workflows and carefully monitor the progress of your team. In addition, you also have to consistently maintain good collaborative communication with stakeholders and ensure the project goes well. To simplify your work at this phase, project management applications will greatly save your time and effort to monitor the project in real time.

4. Project Monitoring & Control Phase

This monitoring phase goes hand in hand with the executing phase to ensure desired project goals and results are met. Therefore, you have to make sure that no one deviates from the original plan by establishing Critical Success Factors (CSF) and Key Performance Indicators (KPI). During the monitoring phase of project management, the manager is also responsible for quantitatively tracking the effort and cost during the process. This is to ensure project works are in accordance with the set budget.

5. Project Closure Phase (Tahap Penutupan Proyek)

At this phase, project manager will provide review or evaluation for the project result and appreciation to each team member who has worked together. Also, the final task in this phase is to complete a detailed report that covers every aspect. All of the necessary data is stored in a secure place that can be accessed by project managers of that organization.

Those are the phases of project management that are important for you to know. Find out more knowledge about project management here with your best project management application!

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