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“What is the importance of using a project management software?”, “Project management software is expensive, using them is a waste of money”, “How is it different from using manual spreadsheets? Isn’t it the same? ”. Have you ever heard or have this opinion?

Whether large, medium, and small-scale businesses, they are organizing many projects to develop their companies. Even so, we cannot deny that managing projects are not an easy thing. There are many things in motion and must continue to progress towards completion. If there are one or more factors that shift from their proper position, the project work pattern can be disrupted or even shattered. This is certainly a nightmare that is not desired by all parties, especially owners and project managers.

Unfortunately, until now there are still many companies that have not switched towards full digitization in their project management. Presentation of project data through printed documents and spreadsheet devices is still the most popular choice because it is considered cheaper and more efficient. In fact, this method will require more Human Resources (HR), take more time, and complicate communication patterns and decision making.

At this point, have you realized that project management software comes with short and long-term benefits in streamlining project budgets, not the other way around? Unlike an unspecified spreadsheet, a project management software is superior because it is designed for operational needs and project mobility in real-time. Then, what are the other important benefits of project management software? Check out the reviews below!

aplikasi manajemen proyek

1. Project Management

Tomps offers you the convenience of doing project management in the field in just all-in-one software. Tomps makes it easy for you to manage scheduling, planning and realization, to project investment data. What a perfect all-in-one project management apps!

2. Inventory Management

Tomps also provides an investment management feature to facilitate monitoring of standard inventory reports, logistical activities, and project material usage in the field.

3. Digital Document Storage

You will find it easy to download and upload eviden data quickly and safely without any worries because everything is stored and organized in the Tomps digital system.

4. Minimizing Deviation (Fraud)

Are you often anxious about opportunities for fraud in your project? If you don’t immediately implement a secure system, this threat can really hurt you. Therefore, Tomps comes with a project management system with high transparency values ​​to prevent this unwanted occurrence.

5. Real-Time Monitoring

What are the other benefits of using Tomps? We provide an integrated online system to make it easier for you to monitor the progress of project completion in real-time from anywhere and anytime. Just monitor all the activities from the screen of your device!

6. Resource Efficiency

Of all the benefits above, one of the benefits and also the main purpose of using Tomps for your project is to optimize project costs through the efficiency of the resources used.


Monitor all projects in an easy and attractive automatic dashboard

aplikasi manajemen proyek

Often messed about with a lot of complicated reporting data? Relax, now you can easily report project progress with Tomps!

Tomps provides an all-in-one Dashboard feature so you can quickly see the reporting of the entire project that is managed. This reporting covers all aspects of your project such as the project budget value, completion schedule, target and realization of Handover (BAST), a map of the distribution of project locations with our Geo-Maps, to the number of active users. All the information above is neatly arranged in the available charts and graphical curves. Say goodbye to complicated manual reports!


See project progress directly with the online integrated system

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Furthermore, you can also plan the details of the project works according to the desired time with the project implementer. Set project parameters and invite stakeholders to collaborate on the project in the Tomps Project Management Software. With Tomps, you can also make the project due date according to the planned deadline.

After the project details have been created, now you can easily do project control and project tracking. Where, you can keep track the status of each project like in initial, in-progress, or closing status. Experience the convenience of monitoring project progress in one click!


Get detailed and transparent project data reports in real-time!

aplikasi manajemen proyek

Tomps project management software can display the status of your project from upstream to downstream in just one step!

The activity of tracking data, progress of risks, problems, and project changes can be done easily through the availability of detailed, transparent, and real-time data.


Manage your project budget to avoid cost overrun opportunities

aplikasi manajemen proyek

Tomps project management software can also minimize opportunities for fraud to cost-overrun in projects. This is because the Project Cost feature that is available for your project. Perform monitoring activities and approval of work unit cost submissions accompanied by real-time evidence from the field. In addition, the longitude-latitude feature allows you to know the exact location where evidence is uploaded to the system, so that projects can run more transparently, effectively, and efficiently.

aplikasi manajemen proyek

1. Securing Capex

With Tomps, you can save on capital expenditures (CAPEX) on projects. Digitizing project management along with smart features from Tomps increases the opportunity to save costs and time spent on your projects.

2. Opportunity Loss and Profit

Switching to using Tomps as your project management tool has the following two positive impacts: Minimizing loss opportunities, and maximizing efficiency and profit.

3. Customization by Operating Model

Want a user-friendly project management software for the type of project that you are running? All of that can easily be felt with Tomps!

Tomps maximizes the fun experience of digitizing project management with customization features. So, you can easily customize the names of the stages to the sub-stages in the project to maximize the ease of monitoring and reporting the progress of your project.

4. On-Cloud and On-Premise

Often annoyed by your spreadsheet storage space getting full quickly? Tomps On-Cloud maximizes the storage space of your project documents without worry. The On-Premise option that we offer provides full control and security for all project data that you have.

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