6 Scrum Master Certifications To Boost Your Credibility

By Meidiana Apriliani | Published On: 29 July 2021
6 Scrum Master Certifications To Boost Your Credibility

Are you currently or want to become a Scrum Master? If yes, then taking Scrum Master certification is the right step to develop your career.

Is your organization implementing agile values ​​through the scrum framework? If so, then you might not be strange to the role called Scrum Master. As their name, Scrum Master is a role for someone who is responsible for facilitating the use of scrum in accordance with agile practices and values, as well as removing obstacles that arise. Because of this, project manager role usually does not exist in the scrum cycle.

Having the responsibility to manage work balance between teams while ensuring that scrum values ​​are implemented is certainly not a simple job. The insight and experience of the Scrum Master will greatly affect the quality and success of the organizational goals that have been created. To make sure your Scrum Master really has the expertise in this role well, one way to validate it is through possession of a Scrum Master certification. In addition, this certification also shows that a Scrum Master has mastered scrum skills that are recognized globally and can certainly bring many benefits to the organizations they work with.

6 Global Scrum Master Certifications

Certified Scrum Master (CSM)

On the first list is the Certified Scrum Master (CSM). This certification is included at the introductory certification level for those of you who want to start a role as a Scrum Master or member of the Scrum Team. Released by the Scrum Alliance, CSM will help you learn the Scrum framework and gain an understanding of team accountability, scrum events and scrum artifacts, and how to guide teams to implement scrum properly.

Before participants are invited to take the test, they will first attend a training course for 16 hours. After the course is complete, participants will take a 60-minute exam to work on 50 questions. If participants pass, they will accept the CSM license agreement and are required to complete a Scrum Alliance membership profile. Scrum Alliance says the fees charged to participate in this certification range from $1,000 to $2,000 or around Rp14.5 million to Rp29 million.


Advanced Certified Scrum Master (A-CSM)

After successfully achieving the CSM certificate, then you can try the next level, which is Advanced Certified Scrum Master (A-CSM) certification. Still with the same releaser, Scrum Alliance, the A-CSMd certification is an advanced course for those who currently hold CSM certification and have a minimum of 12 months of working experience as a Scrum Master in the last five years.

In following the A-CSM certification, some of the things you will learn are:

  1. Facilitate better dialogue between Product Owners, Scrum Team members, customers, stakeholders, and executives.
  2. Self-readiness in the face of change, low contribution and motivation, etc. during the scrum.
  3. Increase contributions between teams to encourage accountability, commitment, and create greater support.

The minimum fee charged to join the A-CSM seems to be higher than the CSM. You can take the A-CSM certification by paying a fee that ranges from $1.600 to $1.800 or around Rp14.5 million to Rp26 million. Are you interested to take this Scrum Master certification?


Certified Scrum Professional Scrum Master (CSP-SM)

Not satisfied with just holding A-CSM certification? If so, you can try the highest Scrum Master certification Scrum Alliance, Certified Scrum Professional Scrum Master (CSP-SM). CSP-SM is a prestigious certification that scrum masters take to develop their mastery in the application of scrum principles and make them agile in the organization.

To obtain this one certification, participants must first hold an A-CSM certification and be able to prove experience, documented training, and validated scrum knowledge. Participants must also have attended certified CSP-SM training to gain facilitation, coaching, and progressive technique skills in serving various roles on the Scrum Team. They must also validate at least 24 months of work experience as a Scrum Master within the last five years.

Just like the two previous certifications, the fees charged for participating in the CSP-SM certification range from $1.000 to $2.000 or around Rp14,5 million to Rp29 million. You will also be charged $250 or around Rp3,6 million every two years to renew the legality of this certificate.

Professional Scrum Master (PSM) I

Next is Scrum.org’s turn to release their Scrum certification, Professional Scrum Master (PSM) I. This entry-level certification was formed by Ken Schwaber in 2009 after he left the Scrum Alliance. PSM I is open to anyone who wants to validate their depth of knowledge about the scrum framework and how it is implemented. If you pass this certification, you will receive the industry-acclaimed PSM I Certification to demonstrate your basic level of scrum mastery.

It is not known if there are any formal prerequisites for candidates that want to take this certification exam. However, make sure you are familiar with the scrum rules or perhaps have experience working with the scrum method. Scrum.org recommends its participants take a training course to measure knowledge, areas of strength, and weakness before taking the official exam to increase the chances of success.

To take this certification, you will be charged $150 or around Rp2,1 million per test try. In the PSM I certification exam, you must answer 80 multiple choice questions in 60 minutes. If you manage to achieve a correct answer score of at least 85%, then you can get a graduation certificate for this PSM I.

Professional Scrum Master (PSM) II

Made it through PSM I? Then it’s time for you to try the next level, Professional Scrum Master (PSM) II. This intermediate-level Scrum Master certification is available to anyone who wants to demonstrate their ability to apply the scrum framework to solving advanced and complex real-world problems. Participants who pass this certification will be indicated by the industry having a sound knowledge of scrum and its role as a Scrum Master.

Competencies on Scrum in PSM II include understanding and applying the scrum framework, developing members and teams, dexterity in managing products, developing and delivering products in a professional manner, and shrewdness in developing organizations. According to Scrum.org, reading the Scrum Guide and taking open assessments is not enough to get you through PSM II. Taking the 2-day Professional Scrum Master II course is highly recommended so you can find additional information that can help with the PSM II exam.


Professional Scrum Master (PSM) III

At the highest level of Scrum Master certification from Scrum.org, there is Professional Scrum Master (PSM) III. To qualify for PSM III certification, you must demonstrate an exceptional level of scrum mastery, have a deep understanding of scrum implementation and practice, and understand scrum values ​​as applied in a variety of complex organizational situations.

Although there is no specific training required to take part in the PSM III assessment, you are required to complete the previous PSM I and II training. To take the PSM III certification exam, you will spend $500 or around Rp7,2 million. If you have completed the previous PSM II training, then you will get a 40% discount. Unlike the certification from the Scrum Alliance above, this PSM certification does not require legal renewal in the years to come.

Those are the 6 Scrum Master certifications that you can take to show the credibility of your career as a Scrum Master. From the 6 names above, which certification have you get?


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