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“I’m tired of having to jump from one project site to another site to know the progress,” “Again and again the work in the site gets delayed because I don’t have time to monitor progress all the time, now it costs a lot.” Are you one of those who also feel this too when handling construction project?
Did, you know one of the best solution for these problems is using construction project management software. Why?

In today’s fast-paced era, technology seems to have brought a lot of big changes in human life, especially in daily activities. On the positive side, technology can be leveraged to help us do a lot of work at once, get it done faster, make it more transparent, more secure, and much more. It’s a shame if we put this aside, right?

Construction Project Management Software

Let’s imagine if you still manage all the work from initiation to closing conventionally. Starting from coming directly to the site, printing various documents and storing them in separate folders, making manual reports via spreadsheets, to having to call many times to find out the progress of work in the site. Just by reading it, would make you feel tired, isn’t it?

But, we do not mention yet about the negative impacts in the future such as inaccurate reports, messy scheduling, poor communication, to fraud which ultimately makes your project cost be much more expensive.

Seeing this, then came to help the efficiency and effectiveness of project management activities which are known to be complex and tiring. The trick is to advance as a construction project management software that has been trusted by various developers or contractors in Indonesia.

Construction Project Management Software

If you need a construction project management software professional that is equipped with various strategic and important features to manage a small, medium, to large scale project, then can be one of the best answers. Why?

Tomps is equipped with various features to manage projects end-to-end from initiation to closing. Some of the interesting features that you can take advantage of are:

βœ” Project Scheduling, Planner, and Completion

βœ” Project TrackingΒ 

βœ” Project Cost

βœ” Project Appraisal

βœ” Document & Evidence Repository

βœ” Unlimited Cloud

βœ” Role Access Management

βœ” Vendors Performance Report

βœ” Automatic Project Reports

βœ” Gantt Chart & S-Curve

βœ” Geo-Map Tagging & Visualization

βœ” API Integration

βœ” Customization-Friendly

Construction Project Management Software
1. Entry Project Data

At this stage, you can input data in your project planning as well as initiate it in the Tomps system. At this stage, you can input detailed data for your project, create job templates, scheduling, budget plans, flow of approval submissions, team division, role rights access, and so on.

If the environment is ready, then projects can be managed and their completion status updated easily through the Tomps mobile application!

2. Update Status & Evidence

In the second stage, your team in the site will easily report their work updates along with evidence from the site in end-to-end, real-time, and on-cloud way. The team will also easily see the schedule and details of their next task on projects that they handling on Tomps system. All this work can also be done via a smartphone with Tomps mobile version.Β 

3. Review & Report

In the next step, you will also find it easy to compile and view reviews and reports of current projects. Tomps smart project management system provides various types of reports that you need to report to stakeholders. Starting from the General Report, Summary Report, Project Team Performance, PO Report, Issue Report, Gantt Chart, to S-Curve. Everything will be automatically created by the real-time and transparent system according to what is happening in the field. So, you no longer have to bother with daily, weekly, and monthly reports manually!

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