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In the process of completing a project you cannot do it alone, you must have the best human resources in their field to run the project. Some of these people will later be formed as a project team.

Having a cohesive project team will bring the project to its goal. Not all project managers are able to manage effective work teams. Here are some things to learn to get the project team the way they want it:

Building Good Communication Relationships

Before working on a project, communicating about project information, goals, and the time period set for project work is something that must be done to all team members. In addition, providing feedback on every progress made by team members can also make the team feel valued and ‘close’ to you.

Appreciating Everything Team Members Do

Appreciating a work that your team members have done will build confidence and encourage your members to do even better on the project at hand. In addition to giving a warning or feedback if there is an error, you must also provide feedback if your team members are doing their job well. With that, your members will feel very appreciated.


Dealing With Conflict Wisely

If you come across a problem small or big while a project is in progress, never ignore it. Because an issue that is ignored or ignored can have a negative impact. You as a project manager have to get straight to it.

Assigning Tasks to Team Members According to Their Ability

Everyone has expertise in their respective fields, and they will be able to work optimally if the work given is in accordance with their abilities. Therefore, you as a project manager must be able to place and assign tasks to the right people according to their abilities so that the project runs as expected.

Able to Take the Best Decision

A project definitely requires the figure of a good and firm leader. And to have an effective project team, you have to be a leader who can make the best decisions for the whole team, not just for you or the company.

However, all these things if done manually will certainly interfere with project productivity and burden your project team members. In order for the project to run efficiently and effectively as planned you can use Tomps.

Tomps is ready as a project management solution that provides various features that make it easier for you to monitor, evaluate, and control costs & resources in the field. As a result, you can experience maximum transparency and efficiency in managing one or even multiple projects in real time. Try now!

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