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When talking about “giant” construction companies in the country, which company name comes to your mind first?

According to CNBC, in 2021 the government has budgeted Rp16.6 trillion in Housing Financing Liquidity Facility (FLPP) budget for the 157/500 subsidized house project. To make this project a success, a qualified construction company or contractors certainly has a big role.

The contractor himself is a person or business entity who accepts work and carries out the work following the budget set based on the plans, regulations, and stipulated conditions. Indonesia itself has several big constructions company that has been involved in various government strategic projects. From some of the names of large contractors that we will discuss below, did you know that they are State-Owned Enterprises (BUMN)?


PT Adhi Karya (ADHI)

Adhi Karya - Distributor Pipa | Depopipa - PT. Golden Piping Indonesia

Who is familiar with the red round logo with the words “adhi” in the middle? Yes, they are PT Adhi Karya. Had a status as State-Owned Enterprise (BUMN), who would have thought that this one construction company was originally a Dutch company?

Yes, first named as Architecten-Ingenicure-en Annemersbedrijf Associatie Selle en de Bruyn, Reyerse en de Vries N.V. (Assosiate N.V.), this company was finally nationalized and later designated as PN (State Company) Adhi Karya on March 11, 1960. Until 2004, Adhi Karya was the first construction company listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX).

Several construction projects that Adhi Karya worked on recently include the Sigli Toll Road Project, Serdang Dam at Deli Serdang, East Lampung Margatiga Dam, to the construction of a dam in Gilireng, Wajo. Not only engaged in the construction sector, Adhi Karya also moves its business wheels in the Property, Industry, Energy, and Investment sectors.

PT Nindya Karya

Nindya Karya - Wikipedia bahasa Indonesia, ensiklopedia bebas

Another popular construction company is Nindya Karya. Airports, Highways, Bridges, Railways, Ports, Dams, and Irrigation are some of the types of construction projects managed by Nindya Karya. In addition to construction, this company is also engaged in EPC (Engineering-Procurement-Construction) such as Piping, Factory, SPBG, Mechanical Electrical, Power Plant, Gas Network to Electric Network.

Having had a long journey and history in the construction industry since 1877, Nindya Karya has built many monumental buildings that have become landmarks in Indonesia. Gelora Bung Karno Stadium is one of the works of this company. It is not surprising that this company won the “BUMN Award 2021” in the “Business & Organizational Transformation” category.

PT Pembangunan Perumahan (PP)

Media Informasi Kinerja Perusahaan Indonesia - Annual Report ID

This company with the iconic “PP” logo may be unfamiliar to most Indonesians. Yes, they are PT Pembangunan Perumahan (PP). Initially established under the name NV Pembangunan Perumahan in 1953, this contractor has been trusted to build houses for PT Semen Gresik Tbk officers to large projects such as the Bali Beach Hotel, Ambarukmo Palace Hotel, Samudera Beach Hotel, to Hotel Indonesia. In 2012, PP also carried out one of the mega projects that year, New Tanjung Priok, whose project value was estimated at Rp8.2 trillion. They also handled the construction of 7 airports during 2012.

In running its business, PTPP divides its business into two, Construction and Investment. Their Construction Business is divided into Contractors (Building, Civil, and EPC) and Specialist Contracting Business (Specialist, Plant, and Equipment). Meanwhile, their investment business is divided into Infrastructure, Energy, and Property. PP also cooperates with domestic and foreign partners to form several subsidiaries and grandchildren of its company. Among them are PT PP-Taisei Indonesia Construction, PT Mitracipta Polasarana, and PT Citra Waspphutowa.

PT Wijaya Karya (WIKA)

PT Wijaya Karya (Persero) Tbk | LinkedIn

Another “giant” contractor company is PT Wijaya Karya (WIKA). This year, WIKA managed to become the only BUMN Karya to win “Indonesia Top Companies Awards 2021” for the category “Building Construction Sector” This award was obtained after WIKA was considered the best company that was able to survive and show improved performance in the economic crisis of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Starting from a business that only covered electrical installations and water pipes, WIKA in the 1970s grew into a civil and building contractor company. Now, WIKA has succeeded in developing its existence as one of the largest contractors in the country with projects that have spread to 10 other countries in the world.

Hutama Karya (HK)

PT Hutama Karya (Persero) Website - PT Hutama Karya (Persero) Website

Various monumental buildings such as the DPR/MPR RI Senayan Building and the Dirgantara Statue Monument are the work of the next contractor company, PT Hutama Karya (HK). When prestressed concrete technology started in Indonesia, HK was the first to introduce the BBRV prestressing system from Switzerland by establishing a special prestressing division.

HK also officially received the assignment for the Trans-Sumatera Toll Road project in 2014. As far as 2.770 kilometers of toll roads in Sumatra with the priority of the first 8 sections. Through this project, HK succeeded in making history as “Indonesia’s Most Valuable Infrastructure Developer”. 

The construction project is one of the projects with a high level of complexity. There are many processes that must be passed properly to achieve the main goals of the desired project. Starting from the planning stage, controlling, to closing. To make it successful, the aspects of time, cost, and resources spent are things that will be very taken into account. Using the right strategies and tools can bring a lot of conveniences and a much greater chance of project success.

But the question is, have you found this strategy? If not, how about trying to find it from now so that it doesn’t waste more time and budget?

As the answer, is here to help with the efficiency and effectiveness of project management activities which are known to be complex and tedious. The trick is to advance as a construction project management software that has been trusted by various developers in Indonesia to improve their project performance.

If you need a project management software with a professional impression that is equipped with various strategic and important features to manage a small, medium, to large scale project, then can be one of the best answers. Why?

Tomps is equipped with various features to manage projects end-to-end from initiation to closing. Some of the interesting features that you can experience are:

✔ Project Scheduling, Planner, and Completion

✔ Project Tracking

✔ Project Cost

✔ Project Appraisal

✔ Documents & Evidence Repository

✔ Unlimited Cloud

✔ Role Access Management

✔ Vendors Performance Report

✔ Automatic Project Reports

✔ Gantt Chart & S-Curve

✔ Geo-Map Tagging & Visualization

✔ API Integration

✔ Customization-Friendly

1. Entry Project Data

Tomps project management software

Tomps project management software

The first step, you can input data in the project planning as well as initiate it in the Tomps system. At this step, you can input detailed data for your project, create job templates, scheduling, budget plans, flow of approval submissions, team division, access rights, and so on.

If the environment is ready, then now you can start controlling your projects. The completion status also could be updated easily through Tomps mobile apps. 

2. Status and Evidence Update

Tomps project management software

Tomps project management solution

In the second step, the team in the field will easily report their work updates along with evidence from the field in an end-to-end, real-time, and on-cloud way. The team will easily see the schedule and details of their next task. You can do all of these activities via a smartphone with our mobile apps.

3. Automatic Report and Review

Tomps project management software

Tomps project management apps

Through Tomps, you can review the results of your work and submit a project budget. Not only that, but you also no longer need to waste a lot of time manually creating various types of reports. Tomps smart project management system provides various types of reports that you need for stakeholders. Starting from the General Report, Summary Report, Project Team Performance, PO Report, Issue Report, Gantt Chart, to S-Curve. Everything will be automatically created by the system in real-time and transparently according to the progress of work in the field.

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