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“How much is the project manager’s salary?” Are you the one who has ever wondered about this?

Project manager is the spearhead of a successful project. No doubt, they have a myriad of vital jobs ranging from planning, executing, monitoring, to reporting on a project. Then, how much can a project manager earn?

project manager's salary

Factors Affecting Project Manager Salary

Launching the latest data from PMI in the Project Management Salary Survey — Eleventh Edition, there are several factors that affect project manager’s salary. The factors that influence include:

  1. Position or Position
  2. Time Experience
  3. Country
  4. Size of Project Value (Size of Budget and Number of Teams)

Not only that, but PMI also wrote that there was a significant increase in salary among project managers if they had been certified as Project Management Professional (PMP). From the records of survey respondents, it was said that the average salary increase for project managers holding PMP certificates was around 22% compared to project managers who did not have them.

Interestingly, Indonesia, which was just registered in the latest PMI survey this year, is in the second place as the country with the highest percentage increase in salary for project managers who are PMP certified. The increase is 80%!

The first position is held by the Philippines with a salary increase of up to 84% for PMP certified project managers. In 3rd position, there are South Africa and Colombia with salary increases of up to 42%.

Project Manager Salary Worldwide By PMI

Still launching from the same data, the highest average project manager salary in the world is currently held by Switzerland, amounting to $132,086 or around Rp1,8 billion per year. Then followed by the United States and Australia, amounting to $116,000 and $101,381 or around Rp1.6 billion and Rp1.4 billion. Meanwhile, the lowest average project manager salaries are held by Pakistan and Egypt, which are $14,914 and $13,933 or around Rp213 million and Rp198 million per year.

The following is a complete list of project manager salaries from 42 countries around the world:

project manager's salary

2020 Project Manager Salary According to Years of Experience

As previously explained, one of the project manager salaries is also influenced by the time spent in project management experience. For this reason, here is the project manager salary data based on a range of years of experience for less than 3 years, to more than 20 years:

project manager's salary

How, has your curiosity been answered?

After looking at the description above, it turns out that there is a striking difference between project managers who hold PMP certificates and those who don’t. How could I not, the increase was even more than 80%!

If it’s this interesting, are you the one who started planning to take the PMP exam in 2021?

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