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Monday, June 13, 2022 Tomps had the opportunity to attend a Live session with IDX which was attended by the CEO of Tomps, Arif Fajaruddin. On this occasion, Tomps is here to introduce the Project Management Platform Business and how Tomps can help project work become more effective and efficient in digitizing Indonesia’s infrastructure development. To watch the full session, please click here.


Based on the facts on the ground, it is stated that only 35% of projects worldwide are running according to plan (source: which means that as long as the project is ongoing, it is still far from being effective and efficient. What about the other 65% of projects? Then what about the development of existing projects in Indonesia?


In line with the vision of President Joko Widodo and Vice President Ma’ruf Amin that one of the foundations of Indonesia’s development is infrastructure, which means that project demand and opportunities are growing rapidly. Tom-Mates is certainly no stranger to the massive construction projects of public facilities such as toll roads, bridges, airports, circuits, and others. However, it should be noted that the rapid development in Indonesia needs to be accompanied by the effectiveness and efficiency of project work.


Facts on the ground, in working on a project there are often various obstacles that sometimes are not easy and simple things. For this reason, project workers, especially project managers, must be careful in looking at various potential problems. According to Tomps, 6 main problems often hinder project performance, namely:

  1. Limited resources
  2. Inaccurate reports vs realization
  3. Reports are not comprehensive
  4. Systems that have not been integrated
  5. It takes a lot of time and costs a lot
  6. Long decision making

Seeing various project work problems, Tomps is here as an all-in-one professional project management application based on websites and apps helps manage projects to run more effectively and efficiently. With Tomps, Tom-Mates can access project progress in real-time, accurately and transparently even though they are not at the project site. Since 2017, Tomps as a project management application has been trusted to work on more than 40,000 projects throughout Indonesia.


Curious how Tomps helps digitize projects in Indonesia? Here’s a review of Tomps features that Tom-Mates need to know:

1. Dashboard

See project progress in real-time

2. Plan

Facilitate detailed and online project planning

3. Scheduling

Develop a detailed schedule with a simple display

4. Reports

Monitor project reports quickly and in real-time even though they are outside the project site

5. Tasks

Easy to understand the division of tasks with just one click

6. Timesheets

It is easy to see the progress of the project according to the schedule so that the project continues as planned

7. Integration and API

Makes it easy to collaborate with your internal business applications

8. Live chat

Helping and assisting you using the Tomps aplikasi app

9. Support

It’s easy to get guidance from Tomps so you can maximize the various features available on Tomps

With the variety of excellent features Tomps provides, it will certainly make your project run more effectively and efficiently. The long-distance to the project site is no longer a reason to know the details of project progress. Not only that, but Tomps also helps you in many ways such as:

  1. It’s easier to manage projects in multiple locations
  2. Initiate, execute, control, and monitor project status end to end
  3. Plan and monitor the realization of project absorption
  4. Can access project reports in real-time and accurately
  5. Easily upload and download documents securely and unlimited cloud
  6. Easy for integration as per project requirement


Utilizing technology to digitize project work with a project management application is certainly the best answer for your project. Tomps, an all-in-one professional project management application, has smart features to improve your project performance. Want to know more details about Tomps?


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