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Making project reports is certainly important for the smooth running of the project and the business itself. However, are you still making project reports manually which takes a lot of time?

project report

In general, a project report can be interpreted as a document prepared by an expert or person in charge that contains various information about the condition of a project. In project reports, you can find various types of information such as technical, financial, operational reports, and others. All of these reports are certainly needed by stakeholders to make the right decisions according to the conditions of the project being reported.

Having a project report is not only essential for high-level stakeholders but your entire team. Through a project reports, you and your team can track the progress of the latest project status and create a plan vs realization report. A project report can also be a business plan document that describes the main objectives and objectives of a project. Through this project report, you can transform various ideas into a more strategic productive venture. Not only that, but you can also identify risks that may arise and create a countermeasure plan.

aplikasi manajemen proyek

There are several types of project reports that are commonly used to evaluate the condition of a project. Some of them are:

1. Status Reports

2. Expense / Budget Reports

3. Resource Workload Reports

4. Executive Reports

5. Risk Reports

6. Baseline Reports

7. Team Performance Reports

8. Variance Reports

9. Project Tracking Reports

10. S-Curve

11. Gantt Chart

12. and others.

A lot isn’t it? Imagine if you were asked by the project owner or project sponsor to submit these projects in a limited time. Of course, it is very inconvenient, especially if it is still done manually.

Project Tracking Reports

project report

S-Curve Reports

project report

Gantt Chart Reports

project report

Executive Summary Reports

project report

Project Cost & Budget Reports

project report

Issue Reports

project report

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