The Urgency of Project Manager Professionalism

By Gebiya Putri | Published On: 10 April 2022
The Urgency of Project Manager Professionalism

Based on data, in 2021 the government will complete the construction of 24 infrastructures included in the National Strategic Project (PSN) with an investment value of 125.9 trillion rupiahs. In 2020, 12 PSN projects have been completed with an investment value of Rp 123.1 trillion. The number of PSNs completed in 2021 is still far less than before the Covid-19 pandemic. In 2019, the number of completed PSN projects reached 30 projects with a value of Rp. 165.3 trillion, while in 2018 there were 32 projects with a value of Rp. 207.4 trillion.


In line with the rapid development of Indonesia’s infrastructure, the basic thing that needs to be developed is the people behind the infrastructure development. An infrastructure development project will not be able to proceed as planned without the professional role of all stakeholders, especially the project manager. For the project to go according to plan, here are the things Tom-Mates needs to understand :


Professionalism according to Morris (Sudarto 2001) is having the following things:

  1. Professional method

The method involves a person’s competence in a field that is obtained through a formal education process and work experience. According to Clark V. Baker (Sudarto 2001), professional actions must be competent, and professional people work or apply according to what they know according to the scope of their education or experience. The aspect of professional responsibility is dedication and a desire to get the job done well. Usually, professionals have technical education in a particular area of ​​knowledge and apply this knowledge in their service to society.

  1. Professional status

Professional status means that a person has received a certain award or recognition in the field he is involved in, or that person has met the requirements of the profession.

1.Professional standard

The standards involve legal and ethical restraints and are sourced from state law, and government regulations related to professionalization. Regarding professional responsibilities, that professional engineers must follow applicable rules and standards by state laws and local regulations.

2.Professional character

A person’s character is the last aspect of professionalism. By going through various situations a person will be tested whether the person is a professional.

Project Manager

According to the Project Management Body of Knowledge Guide (PMI 2001), the project manager is responsible for managing a project. A project manager has primary responsibility for ensuring that a project is implemented according to the project plan. Project managers have a wide range of interactions inside and outside the project environment. A project manager must be versatile, decisive, and effective in dealing with issues developed throughout the project implementation phase. The selection of a project manager requires careful consideration because the selection of a project manager is one of the crucial aspects of the project function. The project manager must be someone who has both administrative and technical credibility, who can carry out the work promptly and satisfactorily, and who feels the need to have the technical knowledge to direct the project. The project manager must also be a good note-taker

The selection of a project manager is one of the two or three most important decisions regarding the project. Project managers need to have a framework of expectations to be successful. The following is a list of the popularity, skills, and qualities to look for when selecting a project manager:

  1. Strong technical background
  2. A stubborn manager
  3. Adult individuals
  4. Someone available
  5. Someone who has a good relationship with senior executives
  6. Someone who can maintain the happiness of the project team
  7. People who have worked in several different departments

Project Manager Professionalism

Professionalism is dynamic because it requires moral awareness to continue to improve its capabilities and competition. Ahmad Noe’man (Construction 2002, October) said that a person’s professionalism must have:

  1. High Learn

One must have a good education

  1. Sense of Honest

Have a high level of honesty

  1. Independence

Free not to be carried away by unfavorable currents

  1. Competence

Responsible for all his work

  1. Corporateness

Have a high sense of loyalty.

According to Sudarto (2001), the most important basic personal traits needed to manage a construction project successfully are as follows:

  1. Effective management or administrator
  2. Making the right decision
  3. Communicator
  4. Troubleshooter/problem solver
  5. Leadership skills that provide strong motivation
  6. High standards of ethics and integrity
  7. Knowledge and ability of various disciplines

Project Manager Professional Urgency

In its development, each project has a different unique side so a project manager must be more adaptive and solutive. At least there are main concepts for project managers according to Oberlender (2000) that can be used to coordinate and lead projects to the completion stage, namely:

  1. Ensure that one and only one person holds responsibility for project scope, budget, and scheduling.
  2. Do not start a job without signing a contract, ignoring the pressure to start.
  3. Confirm that there is an agreed scope, budget, and project schedule.
  4. Define the scope of the project at the time it will be started and ensure no development of changes without approval.
  5. Ensure that the project scope is understood by all parties including the project owner.
  6. Establish a development budget and schedule when prepared.
  7. State that the budget and schedule relate to the scope of the project.
  8. It is better to organize projects around the work being done, rather than trying to keep people busy.
  9. Ensure there is clear operational work to guide the whole project
  10. Establish a job description structure that divides the project into measurable and explainable work units.
  11. Establish a project organization scheme showing the responsibilities and authorities of all project team members.
  12. Build project staff into an effective team that works together as a unit.
  13. Emphasize that quality is a must, because otherwise, it is worthless, regardless of the cost or how quickly the work is done.
  14. Budget all tasks, all valuable work that needs compensation.
  15. Develop a project schedule with a logical work sequence to complete the work. 16. Establish a control system that will anticipate and report deviations that occur promptly so that corrective action can be taken.
  16. Get outside problems that can be solved inside openly by involving everyone so that problems can be solved.
  17. Document all work because what seems irrelevant, may be very important later in life.
  18. Prepare a formal agreement with appropriate minutes whenever there is a change in the project.
  19. Keep in touch with clients, because they pay for everything and will use the project when it’s finished.

That’s Tomps explanation of the professional urgency of a project manager. In short, a project manager must always be adaptive and solution to various conditions. Ready to take on the role of project manager? To run a project professionally, a project manager certainly needs equipment to make work easier and monitor projects. For this reason, Tomps is ready to help you plan, control, and evaluate projects only from the perspective of real time. Try now!


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