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TOMPS, in collaboration with the Indonesia Telecommunication and Digital Research Institute (ITDRI), provided matching materials to 800 SMK students across Indonesia in order to realize innovations related to the application of project management technology.

Project Management Technology

TOMPS, a digital application owned by PT Telkom Indonesia (Persero), was used in introductory project management training by the Indonesia Telecommunication and Digital Research Institute (ITDRI). This collaboration is a form of shared commitment in reviewing the development of innovation in the application of technology, particularly digital technology, in the field of project management.

TOMPS, a local startup founded on project management, is concerned about the continuity of the nation’s next generation of quality. As a result, TOMPS developed a Project Management Training program in collaboration with the Indonesia Telecommunication and Digital Research Institute (ITDRI) in order to realize a more advanced Indonesia through Project Management.

In his presentation to eight Vocational High Schools (SMK) in a webinar titled ‘Training Expert Project Management,’ Firman Gunawan, Infrastructure Project Managements PT. Telkom Indonesia, stated that for the next generation to become a project manager, they must have various types of insights in understanding project management science.

“Must have project management experience, must be a leader, and must understand business and strategy.” “Those are the skills you must develop in order to be a project manager,” he explained.

TOMPS CEO Arif Fajaruddin stated that the TOMPS application has real-time evidence of development information such as overall budget absorption, project categories, physical realization, and the most recent project status constraints in the field.

“There are many benefits that can be used in the application of information systems for learning,” he explained. “Because the system has indirect knowledge of the entire process, it becomes easier to control budgets, scheduling, planning, and communication becomes more effective because it is at one door.”

TOMPS is a web and mobile-based project management tool that prioritizes project management simplification. The key to success is online monitoring. This can be done transparently in real time at any time and from any location established in 2017.


Management Project Application, Tomps

TOMPS is trusted by many developers to manage and complete their projects. PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia, the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, the Ministry of Religion, the Coordinating Ministry for Maritime Affairs and Investment, the Ministry of Communication and Information, Bank Indonesia, WIKA, Adhi Karya, PT Metra-Net, Ank-Infratek, PT Tekken Pratama, and PT Dadali Citra are among them. Mandiri, PT Technology Karya Mandiri, PT Mitra Ciptasarana, PT Hikmah Alam Sentosa, PT Hikmah Alam Sentosa.

It is hoped that this collaboration will increase understanding of project management, where project managers can lead project teams and play a critical role in achieving current project goals, as well as related to the development of the nation’s next generation as project management success holders. next. TOMPS aspires to improve the project management ecosystem for future projects in Indonesia.

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