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Still struggling with spreadsheet tools and face-to-face meetings to run your projects? Are you sure you don’t want to switch to Tomps project management apps that is able to maximize the efficiency of your project time up to 80%?

In the era that continues to develop along with the rapid advancement of technology, we are required to work efficiently and quickly. This is also the demand for managing a project. Imagine if a project is carried out without an efficient calculation of time, how much budget is wasted? Also, the repetitive work and errors that often occur in the field due to the poor quality of team communication.

Viewpoint said, 46.1% of companies still use spreadsheets to do their project management. In fact, spreadsheets are not an effective tool for managing projects, especially large and complex ones. This is because making planning work via spreadsheets can be time-consuming and reduce effectiveness. One of the most appropriate ways to manage projects with a high level of efficiency and effectiveness is through project management apps.

Tomps project management apps

What is Tomps Project Management Apps?

You must try this one of the project management apps from Indonesia, which has a lot of interesting features. Yes, Tomps!

Tomps is a mobile and web application-based project management tool that exists because of the need for quality, effectiveness, and speed of monitoring the progress of development projects in the field. Through Tomps, you will be closer and transparent in project management so that controlling and managing projects becomes easier. Starting from a reference to appointing a project implementing vendor, to data for evaluation and reporting needs, everything can be made available quickly. The company’s growth becomes more effective by saving resources and minimizing repetitive work.

Started in 2017, now Tomps has been trusted by many companies to manage their projects. Are you the next one?

Tomps Over 80% of Your Time Efficiency!

aplikasi manajemen proyek Tomps

Through the Tomps project management application, various project works from upstream to downstream can be completed in a more efficient way. Want to know how much the Tomps project management application makes your project efficient? Check out the following data below!

  1. Improved monitoring process for port ready for sales needs: up to 50.2%!

  2. Increasing on-time, on-budget, on-quality parameter of project yield: up to 41%!

  3. Speed up installation checking: up to 83%!

  4. Report acceleration: up to 75%!

  5. Project data collection acceleration: up to 75%!

  6. Acceleration of incident response: up to 67%!

“What are the Benefits and Features of Tomps Project Management Software?”

1. Monitor all projects in an easy and attractive automatic dashboard.

aplikasi manajemen proyek Tomps

With Tomps, you can view project progress quickly, track team workloads, and track the latest project schedules easily. This is because of the availability of an easy and attractive automatic spreadsheet feature. Say goodbye to spreadsheets with their complicated manual reports!

2. See project progress directly with the online integrated system.

aplikasi manajemen proyek Tomps

Furthermore, you can also plan the details of the work project according to the desired time with the project implementer. Set project parameters and invite stakeholders to collaborate on the project in the Tomps project management apps. In it, you can also make the project due date according to the planned deadline. Apart from that, you can also easily download and upload project plans from your files. Interesting right?

3. Get detailed and transparent project data reports in real-time!

aplikasi manajemen proyek Tomps

Tomps project management apps also can display the status of your project from upstream to downstream in just one step!

The activity of tracking data, progress of risks, detecting problems, and project changes can be done easily through the availability of detailed, transparent, and real-time data. Interestingly, Tomps also has a Dashboard-Maps feature that can display a map of the distribution of the project locations that you manage. In addition, the project status at each location can also be shown through a color that shows the initial, in-progress, and closing status.

4. Track progress in real-time with direct evidence from the field.

aplikasi manajemen proyek Tomps

Last but not least! Tomps project management tools can also minimize the chance of irregularities in the project. This is due to the availability of reports accompanied by real-time evidence from the field. Interestingly, Tomps is also equipped with a Geo-Maps feature to accurately determine the location of the evidence uploaded to the system, so that projects can run more transparently, effectively, and efficiently.

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