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Are you looking for agriculture business ideas? Given the commodity and its potential which is still very large at this time, it looks like you can start to consider this carefully.

What is Agribusiness?

The term agribusiness itself comes from the English language “agribusiness” which is a combination of “agriculture” and “business”. Agribusiness is a series of business studies (managerial economics), management, systems science, communication science, and other supporting sciences that are applied to drive agricultural production, forestry, livestock, and fisheries.

There are many reasons you can take why you should finally try this prospective business. Yes, apart from still having a high commodity sector, the trend towards the cultivation of agricultural products, for example, is currently heading in a positive direction. In addition, there are several types of agricultural business that do not always require large capital and extensive land. If done professionally, agribusiness can give you lucrative benefits.

Then, what type of agriculture business that can you choose? Check out 10 promising agriculture business ideas opportunities in the midst of a pandemic below!

agriculture business

1. Ornamental Plants Cultivation

In recent months, the positive trend towards ornamental plant business has increased rapidly. Launching from, there are even ornamental plant sellers who claim that their turnover has increased by 300 percent at the end of last year. Of course, you can look at this opportunity as an inspiration for a profitable agriculture business. Ornamental plants themselves have a high market opportunity, ranging from weddings, graduations, birthdays, and other events. So, there is nothing wrong with not taking advantage of the good momentum in today’s ornamental plant business?

2.Hydroponic Plants

Not have a large area to start an agricultural business? Relax, you can try this type of hydroponic plant business. Hydroponic plants themselves are a method of farming without using growing media from the ground. Literally, hydroponics is defined as planting in water containing a mixture of nutrients. Although maintenance is not easy, not to mention that you also have to prepare a large enough capital, the hydroponic vegetable market is expected to continue to be prospective. The reason is that many urban residents are now turning to healthy lifestyles. In addition, there are many restaurants, hotels, and modern markets where demand for hydroponic vegetables is increasing. 

3. Cultivating Spices

Next, there is the spice cultivation business. As we all know, Indonesia is one of the best spice producing countries in the world. Besides being rich in health benefits, the use of spices by the Indonesian people also seems inseparable. Starting from kitchen needs, health, beauty, to lifestyle. Therefore, the spice business opportunity is very interesting for you to pursue. If you want maximum profit from this agriculture business, then take into account to start investing in independent operational equipment so you don’t depend on suppliers. 

4. Organic Fruits and Vegetables

Do you have a target to get the upper-middle market in the agricultural business? Then you can choose an organic fruit and vegetable business. Yes, market opportunities for the organic fruit and vegetable business are now wide open. This is in line with the level of public awareness of their health in the midst of a pandemic. One way is to choose to eat organic fruits and vegetables. In addition, the market for organic fruit and vegetables is also wide open for vegetarians. Interested in getting into this business?

5. Oyster Mushroom

Are you a mushroom lover? If you usually only eat them, how about getting into the oyster mushroom business? If you initially think that this is not a promising business, then it seems you have to think again because it turns out that there are Oyster Mushroom farmers from Indonesia who have managed to earn a turnover of up to IDR 165 million per month! ( 

Oyster mushroom cultivation is one of the profitable agriculture business or business opportunities in agriculture. With a capital of under Rp. 20 million, you can start a professional oyster mushroom business. This expense can be even smaller if you already own private land and buildings. Interestingly, the selling price of oyster mushrooms can be very profitable because of the large number of mushroom enthusiasts on the market. What’s more, if you can process it into interesting and delicious dishes, then the selling price can increase.

6. Rice Farming

This business is unlikely to last and will continue to be profitable considering its needs as a staple food, especially in the country. Even though it requires relatively large capital, this business can still promise you big profits. Moreover, if you are good at finding customers in the midst of intense and high competition in this business.  

7. Medicinal Plants

Although shrouded in great panic from the community, the current Covid-19 pandemic is like two sides of a coin that also provides blessings for medicinal plant producers. How come, this pandemic will automatically encourage people to maintain health and be aware of the diseases that attack them, one way is through the consumption of herbal medicines. Medicinal plants that are in high demand in the midst of a pandemic include ginger, turmeric, ginger, and other herbal plants. This demand is even said to have increased rapidly in several agricultural startups in Indonesia, even up to 300 times!

8. Plant Seeds 

In line with the trend of hobbies in increasing cultivation today, business opportunities for plant seeds are also interesting to look at. Plant seed business opportunities are also based on the interest of many people to stay at home. Selling plant seeds is indeed a profitable business, but it also has to be accompanied by qualified plantation knowledge. If you are not ready for the plant seed business opportunity, you can become a reseller.

9. Plant Fertilizer

As previously mentioned, the trend of healthy living by eating organic food is currently a phenomenon in itself. Not only glancing at opportunities from the plants, but you can also find business opportunities in terms of fertilizer needs. Of the many types of fertilizers that you can process, this type of compost can be the main choice because of its high demand on the market. 

10. Agricultural Equipment Business

As an agricultural country, Indonesia has a lot of agricultural land and agricultural commodities that meet export qualifications. It can be seen from the cycle of agricultural activities in Indonesia which is still high due to the need for agricultural products as a staple food for the community. This is where the agricultural equipment business can be seen to have such a large market. Without you as a supplier of agricultural equipment, agricultural activities will not work. So, getting involved in this field still has a big profit opportunity for years to come. As long as people still consume agricultural products as a staple food, so long as the sustainability of your business can continue to have a bright future.

So, that is 10 top most profitable agriculture business ideas that you can try in the midst of a pandemic. Always update the latest information about project management here with, your project management solution!

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