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Are you having trouble finding the right project manager for your project? Beware, this could be because the interview technique that you are doing is not right.

When you run a project, the role of a project manager is of course needed. However, finding the right and reliable project manager to manage your project is certainly not as easy as you wish. So, it is important to use the right tactics during the recruitment process.

The following 4 tips will guide you to find the right project manager for your project!

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Stop Advertising Job Vacancies With General Descriptions

“Having a high leadership spirit”

“Can work with a team”

“Having good communication skills”

Are you one of those who also advertise job vacancies with a description that is “too general” as above?

Instead of spending a lot of time selecting applicants who apply with these general qualifications, it will be more efficient for you to start with a specific ad description. For example, “Interested in telecommunication construction projects” or such as “Experienced as a project manager in IT Development projects for the last 3 years”. The reason is, there will be many project managers who may have managed various types of projects, but do they really have experience and are interested in your current type of project?

How Was Their Experience as a Project Manager?

Having a project manager who is experienced in managing projects in recent years is certainly beneficial for you. Some indicators that you can consider before choosing a project manager based on their experience include:

  1. Past project size
  2. Previous company size
  3. Length of time work in each previous company

Explore Their Interest In Your Project Area

Wouldn’t we prefer a project manager who really likes your project area over one who only works on any project?

Therefore, it is important for us to explore further how interested they are in the project area that you will delegate to them. So, don’t just stick to a well-organized history of experience in their resume. Build a flow of communication to find out how much knowledge and experience they have in your current project area and how enthusiastic they are if given the mandate to manage it.

Do They Already Have The Required Certifications?

Providing professional certification requirements for prospective project managers certainly also brings many positive benefits for you. Having certification is a validation for a competent and credible project manager in managing projects. They are considered to already have experience and basic knowledge of project management that are qualified and have a great chance of succeeding in the projects they handle. While it’s possible that even uncertified project managers are good at their jobs, listing these requirements in job advertisements can put you in the safe zone.

There are several project manager certifications that you might qualify for in finding a reliable project manager. Starting from PMP (Project Management Professional), PRINCE2 (Project In Controlled Environments), CAPM (Certified Associate in Project

Those are 4 tips for choosing a reliable and right project manager for your project. Hope it helps you find the best of the best!

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