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90% of the company or professional work environment operates from a project. To succeed, a system for operating and monitoring projects is needed, which is then called project management. Although it is integrated into most professional work environments, there are still many project management myths that false but surrounding it. 

Like “project management is just a boring paperwork”, “meetings must be held frequently to improve project progress”, and many others. To help debunk this false myth, here is summarizing top 5 project management myths that turned out to be false below!

mitos manajemen proyek

Myth 1. “Remote Collaboration Is Not Productive”

The facts:

  • 37% of businesses report that workers from different places can be more involved.
  • 75% of company leaders report that with remote collaboration, remote workers are happier.
  • 41% feel that remote work saves more time.
  • 29% feel they work more productively.
  • 10% feel more able to work with focus.
  • Working remotely increases performance by up to 13%.

Myth 2. “A Project Management Certificate Is Mandatory”

The facts:

  • Whereas, in a large company like IBM, only 56% of project management specialists are certified.
  • 2 out of 3 Chief Information Officers (CIOs) view having a project management certificate (PMI) as an advantage, but not an obligation.
  • 70% of people who happen to work in project management have never had any special training or certification.

Myth 3. “Project Management Is Pure Writing Job”

The facts:

  • Project managers can spend 90% of their time working on communication.
  • Moving projects to digital data storage (cloud) will reduce paper usage.
  • Project management activities that are dense in monitoring, reporting, and control will run more effectively through digitization. One of them is through the use of project management applications.

Myth 4. “Meetings Must Be Held Frequently to Control Team Work”

The facts:

  • 47% of employees say office meetings are the most time-consuming activity.
  • 30% of working time spent on meetings was identified by employees as a waste of time.
  • Stand-up Meetings are 34% more effective than Sit-down Meetings
  • 30 minutes is the maximum time for a productive meeting.
  • Share discussion materials with other colleagues before the meeting is held can save time and make meetings more efficient.

Myth 5. “Fatal Project Failure”

The facts:

  • The use of the word “fatal” is actually exaggerated. No plan will work 100%. If we look wisely, maybe it is a way to achieve success.
  • Apple Newton, a PDA cellphone released in 1993, failed to attract public interest. But in fact, some of the features of these phones are the basis of today’s smartphones. You could say, Apple Newton is the predecessor of the current large iPhone.

That’s a list of facts that debunk the to 5 project management myths that false but still widely believed. After this, let’s help remind your fellow colleagues not to believe the myths of project management above!

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