Understanding and Basic Information Regarding Construction Project Management

By Gebiya Putri | Published On: 20 April 2022
Understanding and Basic Information Regarding Construction Project Management

In line with the vision of President Joko Widodo and Vice President Ma’ruf Amin that one of the foundations of Indonesia’s development is infrastructure, which means that the demand for and opportunities for construction projects is growing very rapidly. Tom-Mates must be familiar with public facility construction projects such as toll roads, bridges, airports, housing, etc. What Tom-Mates needs to know is that behind this magnificent building there is the hard work of great people, of course, construction project management. Curious about how they take on a role in Indonesia’s infrastructure development? Here’s a review of Construction Project Management!


Definition of Construction Project Management

Construction is the arrangement/arrangement of the elements of a building where the position of each part is by its function. Construction project management is a management effort that includes planning, implementing, and controlling project activities from start to finish by allocating resources effectively and efficiently to achieve the desired result.


Construction project management aims to manage project implementation so that it goes according to plan and gets optimal results.

Various Construction Project Management Objectives

For more details, here are the various construction project management objectives:

1. Maximizing HR potential

The success of a project is directly proportional to the quality of the human resources (humans) involved in the project. This is where construction project management takes on a role in optimally mobilizing the potential of the human resources involved.

2. Take advantage of the opportunities that exist in the project

Accuracy in managing construction projects will help in project development and get new opportunities without reducing the main value to be achieved by the company.

3. Managing the risk of project failure

In any project, it is not free from trial and error so carefulness in seeing the potential risks will reduce the potential for the project to fail.

4. Make the right plan

A successful construction project goes hand in hand with the right project planning process from the start. This is where construction project management needs to take a big role in maintaining the rhythm of planning until execution goes well.

5. Managing integrity

With construction project management, it will increase the trust of all stakeholders involved during the project even after the construction project is completed.


Construction Project Management Tasks

  • Supervise the course of work in the field whether it is by the correct construction method or not.
  • Request a progress report and an explanation of the work of each item from the contractor in writing.
  • Construction project management has the right to reprimand and stop the work if it is not by the agreement.
  • Hold regular meetings both weekly and monthly by inviting planning consultants, owner representatives, and contractors.
  • Deal directly with the owner or owner’s representative in conveying everything in the project.
  • Submit work progress to the owner directly.
  • Validate the material to be used whether it is by the contract specifications or not.
  • Manage, direct and coordinate the execution of work by contractors in terms of quality and time.
  • Approve any changes to the contract proposed by the contractor.
  • Checking shop drawings from contractors before starting work.
  • Always review the methods of carrying out work by contractors to meet the K3LMP requirements “Occupational Health and Safety, Environment, Quality, and Security”.
  • Provide Site Instruction in writing if there is work to be done but not in the contract to speed up the schedule.

Construction Project Management Role

1. Agency Construction Management (ACM)

The construction manager acts as a “liaison” coordinator between design and implementation as well as between contractors. Construction management starts from the planning phase where the owner makes contracts with the contractors according to the required work packages.

2. Extended Service Construction Management (ESCM)

Contractor management acts as a contractor. This is done to avoid conflict of objectives between contractors and management.

3. Owner Construction Management (OCM)

Professional construction management acts as the owner so the management is also responsible for the project management carried out.

4. Guaranteed Maximum Price Construction Management (GMPCM)

These consultants act more towards the general contractor than as the owner’s representative. Here the GMPCM consultant does not do the construction work but is responsible to the owner regarding time, cost, and quality. So that in this role management acts as the employer of the “sub-contractor”.


Types of Construction Project Management

According to Dipohusodo (1995) it is divided into 5 stages, namely:

1. Concept development

Conduct a preliminary survey with field investigations at the project site to be implemented. This is in order to obtain various information such as local labor wages, material prices, local government permits, the ability of local service providers either contractors or consultants, the surrounding climate and what efforts can be made to anticipate obstacles that will arise.

2. Planning

The activities carried out started from submitting proposals, follow-up surveys, making initial designs and designing details. These things will affect the next process, namely the final work plan. The main targets of the final work plan are:

  • Using the work implementation guidelines, construction and material contract prices will be more certain, fixed and competitive so that they do not exceed the existing budget limit.
  • The work will be completed according to the quality of the time frame that has been set.

3. Auction

It is an auction process until the winner of the auction is selected

4. Construction execution

This activity includes field preparation, implementation of the physical construction of the project until the completion of the construction project. In the implementation of the physical construction of the project, it is necessary to focus on controlling costs and construction schedules. Cost control so that the allocation of costs for project resources, labor, equipment and materials is in clear control. Control the construction schedule so that the project goes according to plan and is completed on time.

5. Operation

After the physical construction is completed, the service provider will hand it over to the service user for operation. In this case the provider alone still has the responsibility to maintain the building according to the agreement.

According to Austen and Neale (1994) in Suyatno (2010), it is divided into 5 stages, namely:

1. Briefing

The client explains the project’s functionality and allowable costs so that architects, surveyors, and other members can properly utilize costs. What to have during the briefing process:

  • Develop work plans and appoint designers and experts
  • Consider needs, field conditions, plan design, estimate cost, and quality
  • Prepare a program that describes the project plan and boundaries, cost interpretation, and implementation plan.

2. Planning and designing

Aims to complete and determine the layout, design, construction methods, and estimated costs to obtain approval from the client and the parties involved. These activities include:

  • Checking for technical problems
  • Request client approval
  • Prepare a sketch design including cost estimates, detailed designs, specific schedules, to the quantity and quality of materials

3. Auction

This process appoints a contractor who will carry out the construction project and obtains a quote from the contractor with the client’s approval.

4. Construction or implementation

Aims to build by the agreed cost and time and the required quality. These activities include planning, coordinating, and controlling field operations.

5. Preparation for use

Aims to ensure that the building is completed according to the proper contract documents. These activities include:

  • Prepare implementation notes
  • Thoroughly research the building and repair the damage
  • Testing the waterproof properties of buildings
  • Started testing and customizing all facilities
  • Prepare operating instructions and maintenance guidelines
  • Training staff


1. Accurate

Better known as a bookkeeping application but Accurate also has special features for construction projects.

2. Clear Estimate

Provide templates so contractors can prepare project plans in minutes.

3. CoConstruct

Based on existing testimonials, CoConstruct is more suitable for house construction projects than other projects because it is more complex.

4. Jobber

Suitable for beginners who are just entering the world of contractors because it is very user-friendly but not recommended for contractors who manage large-scale projects.

5. Tomps

An application and website-based end-to-end professional project management tool that can manage projects from small to large-scale projects. Interestingly, Tomps has a customizable feature to suit the needs of each project. Very suitable for Tom-Mates who have a variety of projects and additional info, Tomps has a feature that can create unlimited projects. Curious about Tomps?


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