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Time management is a process related to the achievement of certain goals or targets that have been previously determined to be achieved within a certain period with the use of resources effectively and efficiently. Good project time management will have a major impact on project success over other objectives such as cost, quality, resources, and customer satisfaction.

The main purpose of project time management is so that the project implementation according to its scope can meet the project time target that has been determined. The focus of time management is to make reliable and optimum project schedule planning for resources and costs as well as schedule control that is able to identify delays early for effective and efficient handling.

To perform time management of a project, you may encounter several obstacles, including:

  1. Difficulty for clients who commit to a shared schedule.
  2. Lack of coordination and communication with implementers in the field.
  3. Lack of materials and equipment.
  4. Unpredictable weather changes.
  5. Lack of coordination or supervision between supervisors and work
  6. Inaccuracy of information obtained from monitoring.
  7. Lack of resources capable of analyzing the state of the project.
  8. Poor computer program.

Time management has several processes. Generally, time management processes are sequential except in the process of sequencing activities and estimating activity resources which can be carried out in parallel or overlapping. Following are the principles of each process:

  1. Planning time management. It is the process of planning how the schedule will be managed in the project through the various stages of the schedule planning process and the schedule control process.
  2. Defines an activity. Is a planning proces s that will define the activities needed to produce a WBS element that has been defined in the WBS creation process.
  3. Sort activities. This process includes a planning process that will link activities based on the method of making or implementing products or work and their logical relationships in the form of a series of relationships between activities. The relationship between activities can be internally from within a WBS element or from the activities of other WBS elements.
  4. Estimation of activity resources. This process includes a planning process that estimates the amount of resources that will be used in carrying out various activities to produce a WBS element. Estimated resources will depend on the volume of work and best practices for the implementation of similar or similar work.
  5. Estimated activity duration. This process includes a planning process that calculates the required duration in carrying out activities to produce a WBS element. The duration calculation will depend on the volume of work and the activity resource plan.
  6. Make schedule. This process is a planning process that tabulates all data and information resulting from the previous schedule planning process into a project schedule model. This process is carried out iteratively in order to be realistic, logical, effective and efficient, as well as optimum for achieving time objectives with aspects of cost, quality, and other related aspects. This process will produce a reference schedule that must be approved by key stakeholders.
  7. Schedule control. This process is a control process that seeks to maintain the implementation time so that it can be in accordance with the plan or reference schedule that has been set.

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