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Do you want to take part as a project manager in your dream project? Then, make sure to have these 5 project management skills you want to become a reliable project manager!

Yes, this is because the project manager is the spearhead that determines the success of a company project. To achieve this, a project manager must be someone who has qualified knowledge about project management, oriented towards project success, organized, and also has a high level of enthusiasm. However, the role of the project manager is not just fixated on that expertise. There are some basic but important skills that a project manager should have.

Want to know it? Check out the 5 project management skills that a project manager must have to be successful below!

1. Good at making decisions

Are you difficult to make decisions? It means you must seriously hone this important skill. One of the best ways to make the best decisions for the smooth running of project work is to have as complete information as possible. By having complete and strong information, you can easily read what kind of situation is going on.

Unfortunately, the project document is often scattered and confuses the project manager. If you have this, how can you make the best decision, right? One of the best ways to solve this problem is to take advantage of a project management application. The features of a project management application can assist you in filing documents, scheduling tasks, and monitoring project work in the field only through your handheld device. As a result, you can make the best decisions for the project just at hand!

2. Communicating Effectively

Effective communication is essential for increasing productivity and team morale. Imagine if you, as a project manager, give work instructions in a language that is difficult to understand and ineffective, surely it can disrupt the rhythm of teamwork and reduce the chances of project success, right?

3. Observant Identifying Team Skills

In a project, a project manager certainly works with the team. The personalities and skills of each member of the team must be different. This is what you have to recognize or identify. You, as a project leader, must be able to carefully identify the strengths, weaknesses, and interpersonal relationships of each member of the team to arrange work patterns that suit them. This is important because the placement of members in the team or job desk that suit them, will reduce the productivity of project work. To overcome this, you can conduct training, seminars, and team-building activities together. So, the members could get new skills and work relationships in the team would become better and more productive.

4. Have a Macro Management Point of View

There are many cases where a project manager sees a project he is running only from a micromanagement point of view. In fact, he should be able to make a big picture of the work patterns of large projects that he is currently controlling, or from a macro-management point of view. If this case occurs, then the project manager will usually focus more on problems that occur to individuals or team members and overly control the way the team members work. This will ultimately make the project manager lose the big picture of how a team’s work patterns should work.

5. Actively Controlling Project Development

When you become a project manager, you are responsible for controlling work schedules, documenting project data, monitoring budget usage, and monitoring work progress according to deadlines. Unfortunately, project managers often find it difficult to control all of these in traditional ways that require a lot of physical files. Luckily, Tomps offers an easy way to monitor all the project manager responsibilities above in just one application. Everyone can be a good project manager with Tomps!

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