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Have you ever heard of “Project Charter” on project management document type? This kind of document is a short document used in project management. This document is also often referred to as the Project Definition or Project Statement.

In a sense, Project Charter also determines the success and failure of a project. This is because this document contains important information which includes the scope to be achieved from an ongoing project. Although at first glance it sounds the same as part of project planning, Project Charter is different because it only contains brief information and not detailed such as the tasks of each subunit in a project. 

Whether the project runs or not will depend on the readiness of the Project Charter. For this reason, this document was created before the official project entered the execution stage. Later, this document will be a parameter for determining whether the project will be started by describing the process and objectives to be achieved.

project charter

Function of Project Charter

1. Project Charter helps decide whether to execute a project.

2. Contains information that describes the risks and estimates of a project.

3. Define the responsibilities of stakeholders later in the project.

How to Make a Project Charter?

1. Understand your project goals and objectives. Identify your project vision and determine the scope of the project.

2. Determine the form of organization in your project. List all the important roles a project requires. Such as executive stakeholders to the project team in the field.

3. Make an implementation plan which includes milestones, timelines, dependencies, and stakeholders. 

4. List the potential risks or obstacles that may occur as the project progresses. Nobody expected any problems with his project. However, making this kind of planning allows the entire team to be in control of the situation and to cope well if the anticipated problems do occur.

Example of a Project Charter

Maybe some of you can’t really digest the explanation of this project management term than through examples. So, let’s look at an example of a Project Charter below and imagine that you are compiling it with information from your current project plan.

Company AAA Project Charter

Project Name: “Investing in the Middle of a Pandemic. Financial Growing or Financial Gambling? ” Webinar

Project Description: An investment-themed seminar that was held for 1 hour with Mr. XX as the speaker. 

Business Case: Supports company goals of:

  1. Increase sales levels by 25% in the second quarter of 2021.
  2. Increase brand awareness and engagement.

Project Deliverables:

  1. Landing the company’s page for webinar registration.
  2. One-hour webinars.

Project Benefits:

  1. Increase brand reputation.
  2. Increase sales valuation

Project Risks

  1. Popularity of speakers who are in class B / C.
  2. Do not have experience in holding seminars.
  3. Technical difficulties.
  4. Density script. 

Project Budget: IDR 25,000,000 (Twenty-five million rupiah)

Project Milestones: 

Promotion and Registration: 10 March to 10 April 2021

Live Webinar: 11 April 202

Project Team Members: 

Project Manager: Sarah Niel

Art Designer: Agata Chelsea

Contact Person: Dara Luna

Webinar Host: Rose Melia

Social Media Coordinator: Andre

Speaker Coordinator: Rara 

That’s an explanation of what Project Charter is and its important function in project management. Always update the latest information about project management here with, your project management solution!

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