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Do you know what the definition of project management is? If you haven’t, let’s try to get to know more closely what project management is with us!

Even though you don’t have an educational background in management, understanding project management is important if you are dealing with projects in the realms of business, industry to construction. This is because you must know well how to manage and succeeding a project that you are working on. It’s mean qualified knowledge of project management plays a big role there.

definition of project management

Definition of management:

According to Griffin, definition of management is a process of planning, coordinating organization, and controlling resources so the goals are achieved effectively and efficiently. Effective here means the goal is achieved according to plan, and efficient means that management is carried out carefully, organized and on time. In general, management is an art in science and organization such as planning, building organization and organizing, controling or supervising.

Project definition

Project can be defined as a one-time activity that is limited by budget, schedule, and quality (triple constraint). Unlike the general operational activities of a company, project activities have a special character that makes these two types of activities separate. The difference, among others, lies in the character of project activities that is irregular, short cycles, dynamic nature, and consists of a lot of work with fluctuating intensity.

Definition of project management

So, definition of project management is an effort to work on a project that is limited by budget, schedule, and quality with the aim of achieving the project efficiently and effectively. The efforts include: planning, organizing, and controlling the project.

Skills of project management are important to get mastered with a good reason. Through good skill of project management, you can manage trial and error risks calmly and precisely, maximize the potential of members and the team, able to sketch the right project planning, smart to take advantage of opportunities, and able to maintain continuous project integration.

Example of project management

Still confused about how to describe an example of project management? Relax, you can get to know 4 examples of project management with the example below!

  1. Construction projects: Construction of buildings, highways, toll roads, bridges, factories, transportation routes and public facilities, and so on.
  2. Manufacture projects: Activity of creating a new product or service that is starting from designing plans to production phase.
  3. Research projects: Activity of developing or improving a product or service to improve its quality.
  4. Capital intensive projects: Activity of procure or purchase a product or service, land acquisition, and so on.

That’s the definition of project management with the examples. Find out more knowledge about project management here with!

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