Does Your Team Miscommunicate Often? Let's Overcome As Early As Possible!

By Gebiya Putri | Published On: 7 March 2022
Does Your Team Miscommunicate Often? Let's Overcome As Early As Possible!

Often considered trivial, communication is something that is often overlooked but in fact has a major contribution to the sustainability and productivity of work. Because it ignores communication, miscommunication is a common thing between teammates. Did Tom-Mates feel that way too?

Miscommunication is something that basically will often occur during the interaction process is still ongoing. Therefore, it is important to understand the causes of miscommunication and how to overcome these problems. Before continuing, what exactly is miscommunication? Miscommunication according to the KBBI is a misunderstanding. Miscommunication is a misunderstanding that often occurs when we interact or communicate with the other person. Misunderstanding can be indicated from the arrival of a response that is not in accordance with the speaker’s intent. Miscommunication can be fatal if not resolved immediately.

The question is, why does miscommunication often occur? As project manager we need to understand the 4 concepts of communication media, what are they?

1. Content

Content is information that is conveyed using simple language and the meaning of each word can be understood well. Every piece of content needs to be read and listened to carefully to avoid misunderstandings. Using good and correct Indonesian can minimize the potential for miscommunication. One of the causes of miscommunication in the work environment is the lack of context. Basically in a conversation, the context explains the duties and responsibilities and serves as a clarification. For example, when a report needs to be disseminated, the context for the task includes which report, where to send it, and who was assigned to send it. Without a clear context, errors can occur during the communication process that can compromise team productive

2. Meta

Meta is the true meaning of information. Sometimes we need to understand that behind words there is an unspoken meaning that we need to interpret. It’s good we need to confirm with the other person so as not to misinterpret the expression, gesture, or non-verbal communication of the person. Misunderstanding will greatly impact the efficiency and effectiveness of the work.

3. Emotions

As listeners, we must be sensitive to the emotion that accompanies every word. For example, when someone says he is not sad but his face looks gloomy, it means he is not okay. Being sensitive to the emotions of the interlocutor is not something that just happens, but it needs to be trained to be more proactive and solve various problems that exist.

4. Status

Status is very influential on the style of our speech. For example, talking to superiors will be different from the style of speaking to coworkers. Miscommunication can occur if we are not aware of the status of the other person.

Summarized Tips to Overcome Miscommunication

After understanding communication media, here are some tips specifically summarized for Tom-Mates. Anything?

1. Listening practice, as well as speaking practice

The thing we have to practice is being a good listener. Communication is not only about talking but also being an active listener so that they can understand the message conveyed by the other person.

2. If you feel ambiguous, confirm immediately

If you are worried that you will misunderstand the message meant by a coworker, don’t hesitate to confirm it immediately. The best way to minimize miscommunication is to eliminate assumptions and make sure they are direct to the other person.

3. Don’t assume

Too many assumptions are the main cause of being counterproductive. To avoid overly assuming, always try to have healthy discussions with coworkers so that an efficient, drama-free working relationship occurs.

4. Talk directly

Talking through communication media such as chat or social media will be prone to miscommunication where we do not see directly what emotions the other person conveys. How we emotionally read a text message will depend on our emotions at the time. For example, in communicating with subordinates, it could be that the message conveyed by the subordinate is ordinary, but because we are in an emotional state, in other ways, it makes us read the message that seems impolite. If you have to communicate online, talking directly over the phone will be more effective than just relying on text messages.

Here are four tips that can be followed to prevent and overcome miscommunication that may occur in the work environment. If you can follow it well, it is guaranteed that the work environment will be drama-free and achieve maximum productivity.

In addition to preventing miscommunication by direct action, Tom-Mates can also take advantage of various features available on Tomps where the entire team can see the project progress in real-time and transparently.


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