Project Management: 5 Tips For Human Resource Management!

By Meidiana Apriliani | Published On: 7 September 2021
Project Management: 5 Tips For Human Resource Management!

Has the human resource management in your project been managed properly?

In the project organization process, project management and resource management are the basic steps. The reason is that these two elements are designed to maintain sustainability and profitability within the organization. Resources in a project certainly vary, ranging from human resources (HR), material resources, to financial resources. 

Focused on human resources, project human resource management involves organizing and managing a team within a project. In a team, it will usually consist of people with certain skills who are charged with different responsibilities. Then, why a project is important to maintain the quality of its human resource management?

Why Managing Human Resources in Project Management is Important? 

James W. Walker according to PMI said through human resource planning, management prepares to have the right people at the right places at the right times to fulfill both organizational and individual objectives. Vijay K. Verma also said most of the problems in the project cycle occur due to behavioral problems rather than technical problems. Starting from poor communication, poor client relations, to priorities that are not one-way. Therefore, project managers must recognize that good management of project team behavior and organizational dimensions is key to managing projects effectively.

Types of Project Resources

According to Forbes, there are 5 types of project resources that are important to manage well:

1. Human Resources

Human resources, in this case the project team, are responsible for the tasks that will facilitate project development. They can be recruited both internally and externally. Each member of your team certainly has the insight and expertise you need to complete the operational needs of the project. Therefore, it is very important for you to think carefully to ensure that the member is skilled enough and responsible for his work within the scope of your current project.

2. Material Resources

This type of resource includes material goods, such as raw materials, machines, tools, workspace, etc. These material resources are needed as a medium to support the smooth running of project operational activities.

3. Financial Resources

Realistically, without money a project will not work, right? 

Money or budget is the main fuel that determines the sustainability of the project. These financial resources include investment, capital, operational costs, to remuneration.

4. Time Resources

Time resources refer to the allotted time to complete each task. The timeline depends on the schedule and availability of human resources, therefore it is important to have good planning to reach each milestone on time.

5 Steps to Manage Project Human Resources Efficiently!

1. Know What Skills You Need

Make details of what tasks will be done in your project. After that, define what skills you expect to have in the team member appointed to manage the task. When deciding which members to join your project team, make sure they meet these skill specifications.

2. Organize Your Team

Make sure everyone knows the main objectives of the project, their respective roles and responsibilities in the project. It would be even better if you provide a collaboration medium that allows the team to see the schedule, task details, and current status of project progress in a detailed and transparent manner. Best of all, the Tomps project management app has all the collaborative features above. All details of project work from the planning to evaluation stages can be carried out more easily, transparently, securely, and in real-time. Click here to find out more!

3. Encourage Your Team To Actively Participate

This is often overlooked by executives. In fact, ensuring that all members are actively involved in every decision-making session of the organization brings many benefits to the organization itself. Some of them are increasing commitment, communication, collaboration, and maximum work results for your project.

4. Use the Right Project Management Tools

Whether it’s a large, medium, or small business, all of them must have the same set of projects to grow their company. Even so, we cannot deny that managing projects is not an easy thing. There are many things that are moving and must continue to evolve towards completion. If one or more factors are shifted from their proper position, the project work pattern can be disrupted and even fall apart. This is certainly a nightmare that is not wanted by all parties, especially the owner and project manager.

From an operational perspective, project management applications can help you monitor workloads, project completion status, and automated reports. This will certainly make it easier for you to monitor and control the quality of the performance of the entire project team more quickly. All of this, you can also feel directly through Tomps!

5. Give Feedback

The interaction between you and your team is very important. Whether they succeed or fail at completing a task, they need you to be there to give them advice, resolve internal issues, and provide them support. This will be beneficial to improve the quality of communication and emotional relationships that are good for you and your team.

Apart from the human resources itself, every project resource is important to drive the project’s wheels. Therefore, it is important to have broad insight and good skills to manage all aspects of this project resource in order to achieve the success of your project in the future.

Read other interesting and latest information about project management here with Tomps, your project management solution!


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